Azar & Mehra Ashes

“Beyond the Ashes” takes you on a journey of two friends, to the most religious city in India- Varanasi. The documentary is set to discover a very distinctive sect of Indian priests that goes by the name of Aghor. Unconventional in their practices of worship, the film gives you a closer look of their lives, the meaning of their existence and the reasons why they are such an outcast in Indian society.

We stumbled upon a film called ‘Beyond’ that follows a photographer’s journey to Varanasi, as they complete their latest photo series – Holy Men. We were intrigued with how the film captured and portrayed the ‘Aghori Babas’, and that’s how our research started, as we decided to plan the trip to film there. Sussex taught us that life is about taking risks, getting out of your comfort zones and thinking out of the box… Hence began the journey of “Beyond the Ashes”.