Mandni Popat, Monalisa El-Behiry & Yi Wang Glass of Red

Glass of Red is a uniquely aesthetic psychological screen drama produced by Lights Out Productions. It tells the chilling unconventional ‘Beauty and the Beast’ style love story about a young girl named Lily, who is captured by a middle-aged man and in time, begins to appreciate his presence and possessive nature towards her. She yearns for the feeling of being wanted due to her own personal vulnerability and unstable mind-set. Lights Out Productions aim to show that love can happen in the most mysterious of ways through this dark drama. The short film touches on the rarely exposed case of Stockholm Syndrome in the protagonist, Lily. Many creative pieces have had an influence on Glass of Red, but most of all the dark nature of the film Gone Girl (2014). The controversial twist of this mystery thriller inspired Lights Out Productions to take risks, break the boundaries and leave our audience members thinking. Stockholm Syndrome is a very sensitive and complex subject – developing feelings for someone who has taken you against your will and has held you captive is bound to raise a few alarm bells. We aim to raise them loudly in our film and unveil an insight into this subject in a present day setting.

This process has been a learning curve for each of us, from delving deep into our individual roles to collaborating as a team. Being an all female production team, we pride ourselves on trust and communication, involved in every step of the process. We hope our passion and enjoyment in creating Glass of Red comes through when watching it. Enjoy!