Jahanzeb Khalid Roadkill

We have all heard stories about animal fur/hides being used for the purposes of fashion and the inhumane treatment of these animals. Follow the journey of a conceptual artist, Jess Eaton, as she gives you an insight into her life and how she promoted her idea of ‘guilt-free’ fur to set herself apart from everyone else.

In this inspiring story Jess gives us a look behind the curtains on the craft that she has perfected over the years which has helped her start her own business called ‘EatonNott’ and how she uses materials that have been ethically sourced. The ethics concerned with her line of work is all about the fair treatment of the animals in question, which means that all of the materials should come from animals that have died of natural causes or were victims of roadkill. This documentary aims to enlighten the audience on Jess’s professional career with insights to her personal life as well as her stance on the ethical treatment of animals for the sake of fashion. Drawing inspiration from Canadian filmmakers James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot and their work on the documentary ‘Indie Game: The movie’, Roadkill Beauty follows in the same footsteps in that it documents the struggle and hard work that goes into creating an art piece all from scratch.