Steadman, Symons & Delano Chasing Fire

Chasing Fire is a documentary that aims to convey the art of Poi and circus training; it draws away from the stereotypical images associated with the circus by portraying a diverse range people learning circus skills to help them overcome their personal hardships. The beautiful aesthetics associated with the circus is conveyed throughout the film, making the medium of documentary the perfect platform for the people at Poi Passion and Circus Seen to tell their story.

Chasing Fire depicts the lives of the teachers and students at the non-profit organisation Poi Passion and Circus Seen. Many of them suffer from special needs and learning disabilities and have been belittled throughout their lives, until they found acceptance and talent through something so unusual and as beautiful as Poi. One filmmaker that has influenced the themes behind this work is Louis Theroux. Theroux seeks to reveal unknown subcultures and push stereotypical boundaries by exploring the world from his subject’s point of view, and Chasing Fire attempts to do exactly that. This documentary will also build upon research relating to ‘Representation and Identity’ by exploring the stereotypes that are related to the circus, and then breaking those social boundaries by depicting the lives of these incredible people from their point of view, giving them a platform for their stories to be heard.