Hagger  & Stevenson Walk

Walk to Canter is a documentary that explores the life of the Para Dressage rider Diana Man, and her journey to reaching her goals of an International Para Rider. The documentary gives the audience insight into the hardships and obstacles Diana and her family have over come, and how through drive and determination Diana is accomplishing her dreams.  While watching the hypnotic movement of the horses, the aesthetics of the documentary succeeds in subverting the ‘disabled body’ stereotype.

Walk to Canter sets out to inspire and entertain its audience, telling two stories of past and present, with juxtaposing themes. One of the directors who inspired this work is James Marsh, like Walk to Canter; Marsh’s films use the past and present to tell an inspiring or unknown story, with current interviews and archive footage. Walk to Canter extends the concept of Identity and Representation within documentary and explores the ethics within this theme and how it can be managed objectively.