Kristinsdóttir Glory of Dreams

In 1871 William Morris made his dream of going to Iceland come true.  The country, the language and most of all the Old Icelandic Sagas, which he had been translating with his Icelandic friend Eiríkur Magnússon, fascinated him. At this time Morris was also facing a difficult time in his personal life and experts interviewed in the feature also interpret his journey as complex escapism. During his stay in Iceland, Morris kept a journal, which was never meant for publication and therefore it is a remarkable document of Morris´s personality and this period in his life. We are let in on his thoughts, desires and challenges and follow him as he discovers the unruly nature of Iceland, the home of the Sagas and his heroes.

In this radio drama/documentary feature, Sigyn captures the spirit of Morris whilst remaining true to the journals and Morris’s writings. While producing it she bore in mind the personal atmosphere captured on Radio Diaries, where people are not interviewed but are given the opportunity to record a journal. William Morris wrote his Icelandic Journal but now we hear his words and travel with him in our mind through Sigyn’s feature. Sigyn uses authentic SFX and Icelandic music to create this ambitious radio feature to present this important and influential part of William Morris’s life.

The voices of the feature:

William Morris:

Neil Haigh


Professor Norman Vance

Emily Lethbridge

Sigríður Björk Jónsdóttir

Þorgerður Ólafsdóttir

The Saga of Grettir the Strong:


Höskuldur Sæmundsson


Viktor Már Bjarnason

Sindri Birgisson


Árstiðir –  Songs from the album Hvel and the digital album Live in Dresden 2013.

Spilmenn Ríkínís – Songs from the album Ljómalind