Sian Williams Silence

“Silence is the inexpressible, it is the ineffable. It is half of our existence in terms of our interaction with this world of discourse and experience” -Dr Helen Lees

In her podcast Searching for Silence, Sian Williams explores the rising interest in silent practices such as yoga, meditation and silent retreats as a response to our increasingly committed relationship with technology. She talks to sound expert David Hendy and director of In Pursuit of Silence, Patrick Shen, to investigate how our use of technology might affect our mental and physical health and why now more than ever, people are seeking refuge from it.

Sensing her answer could be found in the silence, Sian journeys to the “quietest room on Earth”, attempting to answer the question what is silence and can it ever be experienced? 

Inspired by works from George Prochnik and John Cage, Sian asks the listener to put their phone down for a while and appreciate the silence. Whether this is a literal silence or a silence in the mind as a tool to mediate our incessant need for stimuli, Sian aims to find out in her exciting and unique search for silence.