Paige Smith Broken Hearts

Paige Smith delves in to the world of heartache in the thought-provoking podcast ‘Broken Hearts’. She explores whether we could cope better with a break-up and avoid the storms of post-relationship periods if we had a ritual that commemorated the bond we had. Whether the relationship is intimate or parental, at some point we all suffer from the pain one induces when it ceases to exist. Smith feels that the intimacies of love and the intimacies of radio would create an emotive podcast, engaging listeners. She wants people to open up about their own failed relationships and to use the podcast as a form of escapism.

With a personal theme inspired by Lea Thau’s podcast ‘Love hurts’ and the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, which Smith revisits, she builds an engaging podcast that challenges the way we mourn the end of a relationship. Smith will also plunge in to her own past, this will give her piece undeniable substance thanks to the elements of personal essay that form through her reminiscing. She hopes that this openness will encourage listeners to assess their previous relationships and give them the ability to celebrate them.