Hannah Russell Bucket

‘This is not just about ticking things off this is a psychological journey.’
(Travis Bell, The Bucket List Guy)

Hannah Russell’s sound investigation Kick the Bucket documents a compelling journey one young girl embarks upon to find the true meaning of Carpe Diem. In her pursuit for a better tomorrow she has stumbled across a modern phenomenon that may hold the keys to our eternal happiness. This is known as the Bucket List, a Bucket List is defined as a list of things to do before you die. We traditionally create a Bucket List because we believe it will help make our lives meaningful. However by creating her own Bucket List Hannah Russell intends on subverting this generic expectation. In her search for more Hannah Russell realises we are living in a society obsessed with ambition and drunk by consumerism. Listen, as she talks with one of Brighton’s leading therapists, Howard Edmund about how the Bucket List has become less of a list for the self and more for public consumption.  Bucket List expert Travis Bell also guides Hannah Russell through this experience as she attempts to battle with her own inner demons. This is not a superficial Bucket List Documentary; this is a road to self-discovery, in which the human condition is meticulously scrutinised and the true meaning of carpe diem is realised.

The works of Jad Abumrad, the host of Radio Lab, have heavily inspired Hannah Russell. There are conceptual overlaps with Hannah Russell’s Radio documentary and Jad Abumrad’s podcast The Worth as both explore the value of human life. The Worth prompted Hannah Russell to think about how we can only live a wealthy life if we appreciate what we have. Ira Glass’ narrative style and linguistic techniques have also inspired Hannah Russell. The structure of this Documentary mirrors that of the notorious podcasts It’s American Life and Serial. The reason Hannah Russell has chosen to project her work on a sonic platform is because Radio has emotive powers. Michael Bull claims sound makes us re-think our relational experiences, how we relate to others and ourselves (Michael Bull p.4).  It seems sound has the potential to breaks barriers and has the capability to trigger unexplainable thoughts and feelings in the listener. Thus Hannah Russell is hoping by using this medium, her work will encourage the listener to unlock their closeted desires and re-evaluate their lives. She hopes this Documentary will encourage the listeners to re-think their perceptions of what is important in life.