Tingxue Wei Speech

The work explores the idea of freedom of speech in nowadays China.  Although Freedom of Speech is too wide to figure out, the work is aimed to use photographic portrait to identify the Freedom of Speech in Chinese culture, especially these days the Chinese social network. In other words, this theme is chose by the reason of people’s dissatisfaction on the limitation of freedom of speech in China.

The work is influenced by Jacques-André Boiffard’s photography work L’énigme des masques, in Boiffard’s work the models all wear masks in order to show their dissatisfaction on the First World War. In the notion of the fear of speaking is the most serious issue in nowadays China, the public could not find a suitable way to express themselves. Although the government banned lots ways for them to express such as, the limitation of using social network, the limitation of news reported, people still need something to tell their dissatisfaction on the issue. So using University of Sussex final year media show to show the work to the public is a suitable way to let people care about this social problem in nowadays China.