Sara Rogowska Kirlian

Sara’s project uses an old technique known as Kirlian photography. Kirlian photographs are captured by passing high voltages through a conductive plate, on top of which lays a piece of photographic paper or film and then the subject which is grounded creating a coronal discharge. This generates a delicate and intricate field of energy that emanates from the subject and has been interpreted by many to be a manifestation of an aura or a form of bioplasma.

This unique and for many controversial technique enables Sara a tantalising glimpse into the very fabric of the cosmos. The main influence on her project is the work of Robert Bulteman who’s mastery of Kirlian photography is unrivalled, and who’s vision in the field has created photographs of sublime beauty. By developing her own aesthetic style Sara hopes to reveal the invisible structures of plants and invite the audience to look upon the incredibly elegant microcosmos that exists within all living things.