Rosie Portal Identity

This project uses the unconventional and modern technique of Graphics Interchange Format, more commonly known as GIF’s, to portray the digitization of human beings within today’s modern society. Rosie Portal has incorporated street photography with pixilation to create her GIF’s as she wanted the images to remain relatable to her audience but have an incremental progression into a completely digitized image. This signifies how technology has slowly but surely taken over our society, almost without recognition. It has been said that, “…the technology itself is more and more invisible as it becomes an integral part of the very fabric of existence.” [Gere, 2009] With this in mind, Portal edited her images in Adobe Photoshop where she employed the pixilation technique by adding various layers to the original image and tweening them together – allowing them to move from one stage of pixilation to the next. This led her to the idea of presenting her images in non-traditional way and keeping to the theme of the project. The images will hopefully appeal to viewers due to our new appreciation of technology.

The main inspirations for this project were Travis Hodges and his project The Quantified Self and Mishka Henner’s Dutch Landscapes; both incorporated technology and pixilation respectively in their work. Throughout this project Portal kept the idea of surveillance in my mind so that she could make sure her images were all taken in an observational rather than intrusive way. This makes the manipulation of the image more effective because the shot is not staged and is naturally occurring at the time of the shoot.