Rebecca Fitzgerald Mapping

Rejecting traditional notions of photography, this project remediates and re-appropriates images from Google Street View into a photographic discourse, visiting places the photographer has never been and people she only knows virtually. It explores the internet as a frontier and facilitator of new possibilities in terms of photography, demonstrating an unusual and innovative method of image making.

Adopting a powerful, yet standardised aesthetic of the virtual, the work is loaded with a social subtext and commentary, depicting 10 of the most prosperous and 10 of the least prosperous regions within the European Union (as of 2011), representing the distribution of wealth. Each place is represented through one image from each of the six categories: transport, residential buildings, commerce, infrastructure, amenities, and people; allowing viewers to pick up regional variances between the imagery chosen and reflect upon their own position within society. The work extends some of the contemporary photographic art practices by practitioners such as Mishka Henner, Doug Rickard, and Michael Wolf.