Lindsay Yutong Spatiality

Swan with rocky hill– A girl who dressed as swan and suspends a ballet movement, as a synecdoche of the ‘vows of chastity’, purity to further intensified the darkness of the deep ocean, in contrast of the black and white visual impulsion to reinforce authenticity of the story.

My project imparts a convincing illusion of spatiotemporal continuity, to construct mise-en-scène of a time and space in trace of spatial mysterious, and in time it is almost impossible to imitate the same atmosphere with the exact situation.

My aim is to embody a conflation of the transitory nature of human movement and the diegetic elements that embalmed in the images, as a result of my own imagination in relation of the existentialist concern to both the instantaneity of time and the perpetual physical world. Paratextual meanings were utilized in order to create the sense of fortuitous, as well as increase the excitement for the unpredictable resolution. Which can hopefully suture the viewer into my fictional diegesis.