Under the influence of this social change in the nowadays society, the photography project ‘HIDE 躲’ is an experimentation that trying to document illegal Chinese people in their natural condition with a camera. This series of images, whose initial aim was to create narratives of a group of illegal Chinese immigrants who living (working) abroad, is called ‘HIDE躲’. The photography project is partially driven by the researches around Chinatown, illegal immigrants as well as the relationship between vernacular photography and social documentary photography.

This photography project represents a significant collaboration of artistic and humanistic inquiry into the field of minority, community and the bottom of society. It raises questions around reality and fiction, connect and disconnect, and tries to explore understandings of belonging, homesick, memories and loss. The photographer tends to use her camera as an entry point to establish a deep connection with the people and spaces of Chinatown (especially Chinese restaurants), and the visual project involves the use of multiple media forms to explain the topic, e.g. the collaboration of audio and visual forms.