Eilish Roche Mind’s Eye

The Mind’s Eye’ attempts to reflect on visual memories evoked by listening to specific musical melodies. By visualizing the effect that music has on us through the expression of dance, this project has experimented with emulsion, a non-traditional photographic process in order to captivate on vinyl the feelings that arise.

Regardless of what genre of music you are interested in, it is something that we all share, the ability to enjoy music. Using the way that dancers move when performing to a certain type of music, Roche has captured the moments they leave behind in an attempt to express what it looks like to respond to music in such a way.

Pinson (2010) raises the questions; “How can a picture represent a style of music? What image comes to mind when we think about a musical genre?“ The whole process of hearing a sound and immediately feeling has been explored for many years. Using the art form of photography, Eilish Roche delves into the relationship we have with music and the way it affects us.