Winter Dong Yan Train

This animation explores the ignorance of everyday life resulting from modern communication technologies. Digital technology allows us to lose ourselves in ever more immersive fantasy worlds, but what we are fleeing from? Escapism, which is an act of withdrawing from the pressures of the real world into fantasy worlds — has taken on a scale and scope quite beyond anything. People tend to use digital devices as distraction on purpose to filter or ignore pressure or disputes they wish to forget. Thus we are left with the suggestion that technology has provided a very easy way to escape from present reality, while compromising our ability to deal with the reality.

The inspiration for my animation comes from my observation of people using digital devices on the train and in the metro, where they seem disconnected from the surroundings. The story is about a young man who is obsessed with comic books. When he takes a train to somewhere else, he reads comic books all the way along, meanwhile something crazy happens but he totally ignores it. Throughout my animation, I hope to provide insight into urban loneliness and technological escapism with the main character who has his own obsessions.