Lauren Halsall Boncurvy

My work is an animation made with waste materials and original live music in a style reminiscent of Victorian pop up theatre. This reflects my interests in the binaries surrounding the old and the new, value and waste and destruction and creation. Taking inspiration from the landscapes around me, my animation aims to present a utopian world void of threat, danger and urbanization.

My work has been influenced by independent modes of animation, which aim to resist realism in favour of more experimental aesthetics. My main sources of inspiration have come from the story-telling style of Dr Seuss, the aesthetic styles of animator Hayley Morris, and the children’s literature of Beatrix Potter, with celebrates British landscape and country life. My aim is to challenge the increasing saturation of digital imagery and state of the art 3D aesthetics, in favour of a more fine art approach, exploring how new technologies can be used to re-create older algorithms. I hope to capture a sense of wonderment, curiosity and fantasy surrounding the unknown, which has arguably been somewhat lost in a technological society, where such knowledge is so readily available.