Karla Wilisch Izzy and Snow

Izzy and Snow is an interactive animation aimed at a preschool audience. The narrative revolves around Isabella, a spirited young girl, who enjoys going on adventures, and her horse Snowflake, who has a more anxious, insecure personality. The animation explores the concept of anxiety in children and through playful interactions, viewers are taught recognized self coping mechanisms for anxiety and fear. It is designed to engage children on a one-to-one basis and guide them along interacting with the characters via spoken commands and gestures.

The animation purposefully evokes common techniques of current preschool television. Children’s media such as Nickelodeon’s Dora, The Explorer, Sesame Street and In The Night Garden frequently employ an illusion of interactivity to engage young viewers while simultaneously erasing all traces of the medium itself. Izzy and Snow challenges the notion by employing the exact same techniques, but having the interaction being real and mandatory for advancing the narrative. By adding another dimension to the child’s media experience, Izzy and Snow is able to actively encourage children to learn about anxiety reducing techniques and meet lovable characters along the way.