Hannah Rose Shaw Imaginorama















Imaginorama explores digital narratives by transforming an area of children’s education, ecosystems, into a visual, interactive, web-based environment. It evokes interpretive responses in the viewer, using digital dioramas to visually depict captivating ecosystems. Imaginorama features animation, soundscapes, parallax scrolling, and original illustrations of ecosystems, designed to give the illusion of depth. The website aids children in understanding ecosystem concepts by encouraging them to imaginatively engage with the  dioramic ’worlds,’ transforming visual storytelling for the digital age in an exploration of new digital narratives.

Imaginorama has been influenced by the backlit sculptures of Hari and Deepti that bring stories to life, and inspired by the digital stories of Vincent Morisset. It builds upon the theories of several scholars, such as media artist Maya Churi, and Aristea Fotopoulou at Sussex University. Imaginorama has a historical basis in depth perception within art and psychology, which it explores through digital storytelling.